Vehicle Inspections Software

Enhance your operations by conducting vehicle inspections with greater efficiency and compliance.

Eliminate paperwork with a driver inspection app

Conduct inspections, attach photos and add comments from your mobile device or computer. With less manual data entry and physical clutter, you’ll find the information you need quickly and easily, every time you need it.

Ensure compliance across your driver vehicle inspection reports

With a complete record of inspection history, fleets can better manage their compliance requirements, avoid penalties and decrease asset downtime. Inspection forms are fully customizable to ensure your drivers are checking the appropriate boxes.

Address vehicle issues immediately

Customize notifications and take action instantly with real-time information. Administrators are immediately alerted to failed inspection items so you can get your vehicles back on the road faster.

Key features of our Fleet Inspections App

Customizable inspection forms

Eliminate paper

Access mobile app offline

Log odometer readings

Automate workflows

Alerts for failed inspections

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Streamline your inspection workflows

Create custom inspections to meet your fleet's needs

Our endlessly customizable forms enable you to tailor your inspections to your fleet’s exact needs. From vehicles to trailers and beyond, you can easily build inspection forms for anything your fleet owns.

Automate maintenance workflows for failed inspections

The faster a failed inspection item is addressed, the faster that vehicle returns to the road. A failed inspection items can be converted into work orders in just a few clicks, starting the maintenance immediately.

Connect with an approved maintenance shop

Our Maintenance Shop Integration enables fleets to streamline their communications with third-party repair shops. Without ever having to pick up a phone or send an email, managers can approve or reject repair line items or create auto-approval policies based on certain criteria.


Turn your inspections into actions

Do more with your inspection data

Our Platform automatically collects all of the data captured via your inspections and presents critical information and insights in intuitive dashboards and reports. These analytics surface most-failed inspection items and vehicles to provide a clear picture of your fleet’s performance and health.

Ensure inspection integrity with tracking and reporting

As your fleet’s first line of defense against breakdowns, the integrity of your fleet inspections should never be compromised. Parkton Ventures uses GPS tracking to automatically alert you when inspections are submitted from suspicious locations – a common sign of pencil whipping.

We take care of the environment

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