Track your fleet’s fuel transactions to reduce spend and identify exceptions

Simplify fuel data collection, improve accuracy and reduce time to insight with a modern fuel management solution. Optimize fuel usage and understand how fuel contributes to operating costs, including total cost of ownership.

With real-time monitoring and comprehensive data analytics, you gain unparalleled visibility into fuel consumption patterns, allowing you to identify potential areas of improvement and reduce fuel wastage.

Our integrated solutions facilitate accurate fuel tracking, efficient route planning, and timely maintenance, ensuring your fleet operates at peak performance while keeping fuel costs in check. Empower your fleet with this indispensable tool, and experience the seamless control and significant savings that our fuel management feature brings to your operations.


Know your
fuel economy

Receive fuel economy data based on your preferred unit of measurement: MPG, L/100km, km/L. Easily see when fuel economy is higher than expected, signaling potential maintenance or driving behavior issues.


Reduce fuel theft

When paired with our popular GPS/telematics integrations, our platform alerts you when a vehicle’s GPS location is different than where it was fueled, helping you flag problem activity as it’s happening.

Understand cost
per mile

Track it completely and gain insight into how much a vehicle costs to operate per mile.

Pull in transactions

No more lost fuel receipts. Gallons/liters, cost, vendor locations and more are tracked automatically, increasing data accuracy and reducing time to insight.

Empower drivers
to log receipts

Drivers easily log fuel and upload fuel receipts in the mobile App, saving them time and the hassle of keeping track of paper receipts.


Upload transactions
in bulk

Upload historical transaction data via CSV and get everything in one place quickly, helping you report on trends sooner.

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