Improve uptime and manage the entire maintenance lifecycle in one place

Share responsibility across team members and achieve your ideal fleet maintenance workflow.

Track and manage every aspect of your fleet’s maintenance from reminders to reporting and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


Surface critical reminders and notifications

Automatically generate preventive maintenance schedules

Get PM intervals automatically from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Customize service tasks, intervals and due soon thresholds based on vehicle utilization. Apply to one or many vehicles at once, notify stakeholders for service due in real-time and track compliance.

Improve your vehicle inspection process

Leverage digital inspections (DVIRs) through the mobile app and automatically get notified of issues when inspection items fail. Easily monitor the status of a repair and add comments all the way through resolution.

Report issues as soon as they appear

Empower operators to log and request needed repairs from the field. Automatically pull in engine fault codes and vehicle recalls. Communicate in real time on the issue itself, manage resolutions and get your assets back up and running.


Effectively track labor, parts and inventory from issue creation to resolution

Plan, schedule and perform in-house maintenance

Create and assign electronic work orders to in-house technicians and track labor time. Add reported vehicle issues, scheduled service tasks and detailed line items with ease and start work immediately.

Communicate in real time and minimize downtime

Converse with technicians, drivers and other stakeholders within a Work Order and avoid delays and errors due to poor communication. Receive push notifications when new comments are added or the status changes, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Manage parts and inventory and purchase supplies with ease

Avoid part stockouts and manage inventory by location down to the aisle, row and bin. Efficiently manage purchasing approvals and receiving in one centralized system.


Stop data overload and surface the right data to stakeholders in real-time

Measure the costs and efficiency of maintenance activities

Track service tasks, line items, technician time, parts and labor with ease and see how much your assets cost to maintain. Report on cost trends for individual service codes and see how long it takes to perform routine repairs.

Gain instant insight into spend

Track maintenance activities and costs through a standard classification system, enabling you to categorically report on service activities by vehicle system and service task across your entire fleet instantly.

Understand the true cost of owning/operating your vehicles

Report on all expenses and operating costs to get the full financial picture of vehicle ownership and ensure your assets remain profitable.