Seamless Scheduling, Effortless Efficiency

Assign assets and manage driver schedules based on vehicle availability, assignment history and utilization metrics. Track scheduled driver assignments in real time to improve accountability and surface unused assets.

Track Inspection Compliance Rates

Catching failed driver inspection items as soon as they arise can help fleets take quick action for proactive maintenance. Tracking inspection compliance rates by asset can help fleets determine whether any drivers need coaching around completing daily, pre- or post-trip inspections.

Monitor Fuel use per asset

An asset’s fuel consumption can be greatly impacted by driver behavior. Driver assignment and fuel usage reports can shed light on inappropriate behavior behind the wheel and at the pump, while inspection and service histories can source mechanical issues related to decreased fuel efficiency.

Reduce Equipment Mismanagement

Keeping up with tools and equipment needed to perform daily tasks is crucial in avoiding excess purchasing spend. Because these items can be linked to the assets assigned to drivers, fleets are more likely to find misplaced items and reduce instances of items lost.

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Improve asset assignment visibility and driver management

Streamline driver assignment and optimize routes with our fleet management system. Effortlessly manage resources and boost productivity. Experience seamless driver allocation today!

Take the guesswork out of asset availability and usage

Instead of spending time figuring out which vehicles are available, use driver assignments for instant insights into asset availability. Run assignment history and asset utilization reports to help determine when to rotate assets for balanced utilization, hone in on unnecessary assets that can be disposed of or repurposed, and track usage for accounting or rental reporting.

Empower your drivers with a simple mobile app

With our mobile App, your team can view and manage vehicle/equipment assignments from anywhere. Customize your permissions and workflow to allow drivers to assign themselves to an available vehicle or automatically notify drivers when they receive a new vehicle assignment. Attach documents (insurance, tolls, registration, etc.) to vehicles to ensure drivers have everything they need.

Ditch the whiteboard and spreadsheet methods of scheduling

With driver assignments, you can assign assets to your team with just a few clicks in a calendar view. Add, edit or move assignments easily, and link small equipment and tools to vehicles for improved visibility and management.

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